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Little Maestros has 3 music CDs available at our class locations and on iTunes!
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"Welcome Home To Maestroville" CD
Maestroville is a magical place where you can read with furry monsters, fall in love, discover musical instruments, quack like a duck, hear different languages, dance in the sunshine, and make new friends. This CD is a grand tour of this fantasy. Four children accidentally find Maestroville on a casual walk. The town giant, Kwi Dudamat, then guides them through an adventure with stops along the way. And if you use your imagination, you can join them!

"Word Is On The Playground" CD
Let your imagination fly as you join feathered friends, Dweezil and Elektra, on an adventure in Harmony Playground! Sing along, dance, have fun, and meet new friends like Frupa the bunny and Scratch the DJ.

"Postcards From My Mind" CD
Dream and play and you can turn your sandbox into a beach, swing to a faraway land, and fill your world with music. While you're at it, you can learn an easy way to spell, join a limbo and conga line, and even find out what's in "the box!" So welcome home to Maestroville, where anything is possible.
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